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ORIGINAL or RESTORED TO ORIGINAL: Any combination of original or original-type (same materials and design as factory) parts. Complete repaint ok only if in a color correct for that year and model. Interior must be in factory style and materials. NO CHROME WHERE IT WAS NOT FROM THE FACTORY. Any changes from original-type materials could put the vehicle into the Modified Class (except for safety equipment). Up to 3 minor changes such as an aluminum radiator or disk brakes are acceptable – but the vehicle should appear stock as you walk up to it.

MODIFIED: Repaint in color(s) not original to the year and model, non-original accents (flames, graphics), nonoriginal engine type/displacement/fuel system, custom wheels, chromed engine or suspension parts. Replica car such as the Factory Five Cobra will be in this category under the year specific.

TRUCKS: Includes El Caminos and Rancheros – if it is registered as a Truck, it’s a Truck

SPECIALTY: Ambulance, boat, go kart, dune buggy, bus, motorhome, military, fire truck, kit car, rat rod, etc.