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Judging Instructions

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All Judges should use the Judges Score Sheets that are provided.

A Judge should not open the hood, doors or trunk, or touch the car. If the hood is closed simply mark “0” in that field. If the owner is present, ask the owner to open the hood. If the owner is present and the Judge has questions, it is ok to ask the owner questions. Do not discuss the judging process or disclose your score to the owner.

If you as a Judge need help in making a decision, it is fine to ask other Judges for assistance. When judging a VCC car, there should be no difference in how the car is evaluated. Don’t be easier – or tougher just because it is a club member.

The Judge needs to look carefully at every car in the category – even if a quick review reveals that the car is not eligible for a trophy. We want every owner to know that we value their entry and participation.

Once all cars have been evaluated, the Judge should rank the top 6 in the category (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.) to satisfy the number of trophies to be awarded. Since no car can win more than one trophy, we may need extra selections if a car in the category wins Best of Show, the Mayors award etc..

If judging an original class and you see that the car is obviously not original (see definitions), award a low score and note in the comments section that the car is in the wrong class.

If the window card is missing, ask the owner if they have it – and verify that it is filled out adequately to allow the car to be judged.


Original or Restored to Original: Any combination of original or original-type (same materials and design as factory) parts. Complete repaint is OK only if in a color correct for that year and model. Interior must be in factory style and materials. NO CHROME WHERE IT WAS NOT FROM THE FACTORY. Any changes from original type materials could put the vehicle in the Modified Class (except for safety equipment). Up to 3 minor changes such as an aluminum radiator or disk brakes are acceptable – but the vehicle should appear stock as you walk up to it.

Modified: Repaint in color(s) not original to the year and model, non-original accents (flames, graphics) non-original engine type/displacement/fuel system, custom wheels, chromed engine or suspension parts. Replica cars such as the Factory Five Cobra will be in this category under the year specific.

Trucks: Includes El Caminos and Rancheros. If it is registered as a Truck it is a Truck.

Specialty: Ambulance, boat, go kart, dune buggy, bus, motorhome, military, fire truck, kit car, rat rod, etc..